Bio-Strath 300tabs

BIO-STRATH, a plasmolysed herbal yeast providing nutritional support to:
– Contribute to normal mental performance.
– Memory and concentration.
– Strengthen the immune system.
– Help restore and maintain natural energy.

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– Assist with focus and attention.
– Reduce fatigue and stress.
– Increase vitality.
– Vitality during and after pregnancy.
– Recover from illness (convalescence).
– Recover from exercise.
– Support and contribute to the healthy metabolism of nutrients.
Daily nutritional supplement that supports memory and concentration


Bio-Strath® is a 100% natural, Swiss plasmolysed herbal yeast supplement containing 61 essential nutrients (11 vitamins, 19 minerals, 20 amino acids and 11 building substances) in a highly bioavailable format with 39 scientific studies and publications confirming its effectiveness over a period of more than 50 years.

Bio-Strath® is also scientifically proven to improve micronutrient bioavailability and significantly improve the absorption of iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B1.


For times of increased demand:
Adults and children over 12 years:

Two tablets three times daily before meals with water.

Children under 12 years:

One tablet three times daily before meals with water.

For sustained good health and vitality:
Adults and children over 12 years:

Two tablets once daily before meals with water.

Children under 12 years:

One tablet once daily before meals with water.


Brand: Bio-Strath
Format: Tablets
Age From: 6 Years
Pack Size: 60tablets

2 reviews for Bio-Strath 300tabs

  1. MelissaB (verified owner)

    My husband moans when I have forgotten to order our Bio-Strath tablets in time! We don’t like to go a day without it. I can feel when I havent had my Bio-Strath. It helps tremendously with brain fog and energy levels, especially at work.

  2. Emily (verified owner)

    The first time I ever used Bio-Strath was after my first pregnancy. I battled to recover after the birth of my daughter. My Mom recommended I use Bio-Strath and it quickly helped me recover. Little did I know that Bio-Strath is a product that one can use daily as a supplement and only in 2002 after learning what it is, how it works and why you must take it daily did I start taking it every single day. I have not missed a day since. My memory has never been as good as what it is since taking it. I am well and hardly ever get sick. This is just the most amazing supplement to use. Everyone needs to know about and use it. This product truly changes lives.

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