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Meet Buddy, the Falabella Miniature horse rescued by Felicity. After discovering the poor condition Buddy was in, she immediately put him onto Equi-Strath. Within a few weeks Felicity noticed Buddy has a new zest for life, is full of energy and has a beautiful shiny coat and mane!
Well there you have it, from the horse (rider’s) mouth ?? John Twomey, 5 star eventer and coach uses Equi-Strath to support and speed up the recovery time of his horse after competition. "For any horse that is asked to exert himself on a regular basis this is a really interesting supplement for you to look into."
International Horseman and Trainer, Peter Muscutt, uses Equi-Strath for his entire racing string. He has found that it helps his horses with the stress in traveling and change of environment, recovery after a race, as well as help them maintain a healthy appetite throughout the season. Thank you for sharing your positive experience of using Equi-Strath with us, Peter!

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Equi-Strath is a 100% natural nutritional supplement formulated and manufactured in Switzerland.

  • Herbal Yeast Food Supplement for Horses – Wellness & Recovery.
  • This unique formula has remained unchanged since 1961.
  • ‘Friendly’ yeast is fed with a selection of 50 herbs that nourish, support and balance every organ and every system of your horse’s body.
  • It nourishes the body, supports the immune system, and supports your horse during times of stress, intense exercise and recovery.
  • Strengthens immunity, supports recovery, encourages normal growth and development and helps prevent potential deficiencies, all with goodness from nature!



Plasmolysed Herbal Yeast
Malt Extract
Honey and Orange syrup.

All natural: Our elixir (syrup) is made exclusively from natural raw ingredients and is free from artificial colourants, flavourants, preservatives and synthetic substances.


Dosage & Directions for use:
(Either given neat or mixed into food).

Leisure horses:

1 tablespoon / 20ml elixir once a day

Sporting horses in training:

1-2 tablespoons / 20ml – 40ml elixir once a day

Sporting horses during the competing season:

2-3 tablespoons / 40ml – 60ml elixir once a day

Breeding stallions (3 weeks before and during the covering period):

1-2 tablespoons / 20ml – 40ml elixir once a day

Breeding mares (4 weeks before to 8 weeks after the birth):

1-2 tablespoons / 20ml – 40ml elixir once a day

Foals (for 8 weeks after weaning):

1-2 tablespoons / 20ml – 40ml elixir once a day


Brand: Equi-Strath
Format: Liquid
Age From: 0
Pack Size: 1L


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