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THRESHHold® contains OptiMSM®, which is the purest and most tested MSM available. THRESHHold® is organically bonded sulphur which assists with chronic and/or exercise associated pain in the following ways:
Chronic pain:
Assists in reducing inflammation and pain.
Helps to preserve normal joint health & functionality.
Exercise associate pain:
Reduces muscle damage and pain.
Reduces oxidative damage.
Improves recovery time.
Maintains glutathione levels.

Each tablet contains:
1000 mg pure, four times distilled OptiMSM®
Magnesium stearate
Silicon dioxide
  • Age From 12 Years
  • Brand THRESHHold
  • Pack Size 60-tablets
  • Format Tabs
Chronic Pain
Adults and children over 12 years:
Take 2-3 tablets daily with breakfast for maintenance.
For chronic pain alleviation a phased approach over two weeks is recommended. Begin with 2 tablets once a day with breakfast for 4 days. On day five increase to 2 tablets twice a day for 4 days*. On day nine increase to 3 tablets twice a day*. Once pain has noticeably improved, the daily dosage of 6 tablets can then be reduced as necessary to reach a maintenance dose of 2 – 3 tablets daily. If required, dosage can safely be further increased without side effects. *Do not take the last dose too close to bedtime.
Children younger than 12 years:
Take 1 tablet daily with breakfast.
Exercise Associated Pain
Adults and children over 12 years:
Take 2 – 3 tablets daily with breakfast.
During periods of intensive exercise or training, dosage can be increased to 6 tablets daily (3g twice a day).
Children younger than 12 years:
Take 1 tablet daily with breakfast


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