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A Vogel Asthma Formula 30ml

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Ingredients address tightness of the chest, asthmatic cough, elimination of mucous and have antispasmodic and tonic action on the lungs. Can also be used for tightness of the chest associated with coughs and colds and flu.

Ammi visnaga D1 (Hibiscus)
Aralia racemosa D2 (American Spikenard)
Cephaelis acuminata D4 (Ipecacuanha)
Drosera rotundifolia D1 (Sundew)
Grindelia robusta D2 (Rosin-wood)
Hedera helix D6 (Common ivy)
Lobelia inflata D3 (Indian tobacco)
Viscum album D6 (Mistletoe)
  • Age From 2 Years
  • Brand A Vogel
  • Pack Size 30ml
  • Format Drops
Adults and children over 12 years:
Take 10 drops on the tongue, or directly under the tongue or in a teaspoon of water 4 times daily 15 minutes before meals (for long term use).


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